Bragpacking the UK: What to Pack, Eat, See, Do

The United Kingdom is an all time favourite summer destinations for Indians. With the pound losing some of it’s sheen, it is an especially attractive option this time around. Here is our guide to to make the most of your visit to this beautiful land.

What to Pack

  1. Victorinox Spectra dual access carry on bag – This ultra stylish carry on (that can be checked in with your laptop if required) will add a lot of flair to your inflight luggage.
  2. Aquapac DSLR Rain cover– UK is infamous for its weather. Stay prepared for unpredictable drizzles at anytime with this rain cover so you can keep clicking away.
  3. Nikon 18-200mm zoom lens– Photographers call it a one-lens solution for all your shooting and specially handy when you don’t want to carry your full camera entourage on a holiday.
  4. Portable kettle – The British experience is incomplete without a cup of tea. The portable kettle will be your best friends to to enjoy chai in the dreary weather. Dont forget to have the famous English short bread with the tea.


What to Eat

  1. Beef Wellington– The finest fillet steak, often smothered in pâté, covered in a rich and light puff pastry!
  2. Welsh Cakes– While the sticky toffee pudding is the absolute British favourite, try this tasty tea accompanier from Wales for a change.
  3. Sunday Roast with Yorkshire Pudding– A true British classic. A traditional roast comes with meat, potatoes, gravy and vegetables usually a eaten at Sunday brunches. Don’t forget to ask for the Yorkshire pudding.
  4. Pork pies– Baked freestanding they are made of pork meat, pastry crust, and gelatin. This simple British meal is served cold, making it especially popular in the summer.


What to See

  1. Fingal’s Cave– This astonishingly geometric cave stands 72 feet tall and 270 feet deep. Hexagonal columns made of basalt that make up its interior walls are so neatly placed it will leave you astounded.
  2. Platform 9 ¾– Kings Cross Station pays tribute to its role in Britain’s best-selling book series, for the Harry Potter fan in you
  3. Fairy Pools–  Exuding a sense of magic with their unbelievably blue waters and secluded walls, Fairy Pools in Carbost, Scotland are a hidden gem.
  4. Great Polish Map of Scotland– This huge concrete map of Scotland was built as a thank you gift from a Polish soldier. Now that’s how you leave a mark.


What to Do

  1. 1. Pollock’s Toy Museum– Nearly everything in Britain has a deep rooted history. Even the toys. Preserving the craftsmanship of playthings of the past like china dolls and tin soldiers, this shop-cum-museum retains a dying craft
  2. The Sherlock Holmes Pub– A pub and a legendary site both in one  – look for a peculiar secret upstairs. Only if you want access to a recreation of the rooms shared by Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson at 221b Baker Street.
  3. Hampton Court Maze– England’s oldest surviving hedge maze has been confusing visitors for over 300 year
  4. Camera Obscura & World of Illusions– Enjoy 360° views of the city plus five floors of optical illusions and hands-on science at  Edinburgh’s oldest purpose built attraction.

We promise you will enjoy these suggestions more than the passe Madam Tussauds and Changing of the Guard activities.

Long live the Queen!

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