Canon EF 28-135mm Lens

Rent for ₹ 350/ day

A great choice for someone who’s looking for a versatile walk-around lens, this lens comes with a great focal length range and image stabilization. If there is only one lens you want to carry when travelling, this has to be the one.

Buy for: Not available to buy | Rent for: Rs. 350/ day

Minimum Rental: Rs. 1,400/-. Refundable Security Deposit: INR 4,000/-

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    Includes Delivery and Return Pick-up

  • Great focal range- Can be used for family shots, vacation use to landscapes photography.
  • Image stabilization and high zoom ratio..
  • Handles nicely, easy-to-carry build.
  • Plastic lens barrel- makes it lightweight.
  • Focuses reasonably fast and quietly, due to Ring USM and has full time manual focus too.
  • Flare control- moderate at 28mm to good at 135mm.
  • General purpose lens with a focal range that minimises the need to frequently change lenses.
  • Review with sample images- Click here.
  • Focal Range- 28-135 mm.
  • Aperture- 3.5 to 5.6
  • Closest focusing distance- 50 cm.
  • Filter size- 72 mm.
  • Diameter x Length- 78.4 mm x 96.8 mm.
  • Weight- 540 gm.
  • For Rentals, you will be asked to provide a government issued photo ID and Address proof before or at the time of delivery
  • We typically require atleast 2 days to deliver the product post order payment.
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  • For rentals, refer to our damage policy here.



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