10 EASY Ways To Save Money On Your Vacation

On the road, there are temptations galore, each teasing us to loosen our purse strings for one more moment of travel bliss. Most of us would probably travel much more if we had the resources to do so. At Bragpacker, our Mantra has always been “To save on luggage and spend on experiences and there are ways by which we can, not just end up saving a few bucks, but also get a lot more out of the travel experience. Simply put, by saving more, you can travel more. Here are some easy ways to do so. Keep them in mind on your next trip:

  • Be flexible while making bookings: While booking tickets or any other reservations be aware of the time and day of the week you’re making bookings for – mid week is always cheaper than a weekend, just as catching a red eye flight will be easier on your wallet.
  • Avoid tourist spots: Treat them like traps – whether it’s food or accommodation, it’s going to be more expensive. Keep yourself at a six block radius from the tourist spot and you’re already saving money.
  • Take local transport: Buses, minivans, trains, tuk-tuks … whatever it takes to get around. Not only is it a great way to save money, but it’s the best way to see a new place and get up close and personal with its people. No epic cultural interactions ever happened getting chaperoned in a private taxi.
  • Spend more time at fewer places: Slowing down the pace of travel helps greatly in saving those extra bucks – additionally it also lets you discover and explore the new place more intimately. Undertaking too many flights, bus trips, train journeys and driving long distances can really eat into your budget. This is a big bugbear of the way many Indians travel – two days aren’t enough to explore a neighbourhood let alone a city!
  • Stay at alternative accommodation: Depending on your destination, every place offers some great bargains for stay – whether it’s a hostel, bedsitting an apartment, checking on Airbnb or hitting up the friends of friends on your Facebook. Know your options and pick one carefully.
  • Go Grocery shopping: Eating out can eat up more than half of your vacation budget if you’re not careful – even with dining discounts and certificates. If you have a small fridge within your accommodations, pick up a few easy-to-eat groceries like fruit, cereal, and sandwich ingredients. Eating before you head out for the day and packing snacks will keep the hunger pangs at bay and more money in your pocket.
  • Travel overnight: Spending the night on a train and bus has a two-fold advantage – you end up saving on stay for one night and you save time by covering the distance while you sleep.
  • Pre-paid travel money cards: Using pre-paid travel money cards can save you on transaction fees and currency conversion rates (you can lock in a conversion rate) and is a safe and convenient way to carry your money.
  • Do the free stuff: If you only notice, you’ll be amazed to discover the number of things you can do for free – street fairs or concerts, history or heritage walks and bike rides, free days at museums and free movie screenings, flea markets or just a picnic and walk in the park – all great ways to make the most of your holiday without spending too much.
  • Use an app to track your finances: Lastly, download an app that can help you track your spending as well as savings on your trip. Trail Wallet is a great iOS app that keeps your budget in check, and for android Fudget is a no-frills expense tracking app which can keep an eye on your spends.

While a vacation should definitely be more about getting a richer experience than saving money, being smart about how you spend the money does enrich the experience. And if you still need help saving money, Rent your travel gear and save over 90% on your pre-travel shopping. It is the best way to start any budget trip.

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