The 12 best treks around Mumbai

Mumbai is surrounded by some of the most popular adventure trek spots in the country. If you are an adventure junkie, then you need to check these famous treks off your list! Catch the perfect sunrise, sunsets and the stunning views along these epic trails, all within reach from Mumbai over a long weekend.


Prabalgad – 47.4 Kms from Mumbai


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Prabalgad Fort is located between Matheran and Panvel, just about 46 Kilometers from Mumbai. As one of the oldest forms of architecture, the fort is one of the most popular tourist spots as well as a great spot for some adventure trek. The 3 hour trek shows great views of some of the most scenic spots. The dense forest trail along Prabalgad also lets you spot fireflies during night treks. Fireflies Treks are quickly becoming a popular kind of trek along Prabalgad.


Karnala – 47.8 Kms from Mumbai


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Karnala Fort is another popular tourist spot for the visitors. The fort is located at the top of the hill inside the sanctuary. A scenic trek leads up to the old fort that was built even before 1400 AD. The trek trails show great views along the one hour trek up, offering 5 resting places that are explicit spots for one to simply catch the views. A monsoon trek up the Karnala Fort makes one of the most fun trekking experiences for the trekkers.


Vasai Fort – 60 Kms from Mumbai

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As a perfect spot for a day away from the crowded city, the picturesque Portuguese fort is among the most preferred escapes. With the remains from the 17th century the serene surroundings around the fort is something one would always look forward to. Though only the ruins remain, the beauty is unmatchable and the three churches inside the fort still remains recognizable. The fort is also happens to be of national importance and has been preserved and maintained by the Archeological Survey of India.


Matheran – 80 Kms from Mumbai


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Matheran is one of the most scenic hill stations between Mumbai and Pune. At an altitude of 2,625 feet, this place enjoys cooler and less humid climate during the summer, making it one of the popular escapes. It is also one of the smallest hill stations in India, quaint and away from all the hustle bustle of the city. While you can trek to reach matheran and that is an experience in itself, staying in Matheran is a trek in itself as no cars are allowed in the town. Horse riding is also a great way to get around Matheran and it’s many view points.


Dukes Nose – 87 Kms from Mumbai


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There are a few hill station points in or near Lonavala that offer a terrific view, a few of them being Rajmachi Point, Tiger Point, Lion Point, Duke’s Nose and Shooting Point. Duke’s nose earned its name due to its close resemblance to Duke Wellington’s nose. Set amidst greenery and beautiful surroundings, it is a famous spot for rock climbing.


Lohaghad – 99.5 Kms from Mumbai

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A trek to the Lohagad fort is one of the most popular treks in Mumbai. At a height of 3,389 ft, the place offers some of the most stunning views and definitely a thrill during the adventure trek. The view of the stunning Pawna Reservoir is a sight trekkers should not miss while on the trek.


Mt. Kalsubai – 158 Kms from Mumbai


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As one of the highest peaks along the Western Ghats in Maharashtra, Mt. Kalsubai stands as tall as 5400 ft. It is also proudly known as the Everest of Maharashtra. This place is also one of the most popular trekking spots, which also encourage wild-life enthusiasts. Dating back to the Cenozoic Era, the mountain is of solidified flood basalt.


Alang Fort – 186 Kms from Mumbai


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Along the Kalsubai Range of Western Ghats is Alang Fort, one of the 3 other surrounding forts. At an altitude of 4500 ft the trail up to the fort is covered by dense forests. These forests make the trek one of the toughest treks. 2 caves, a small temple and 11 water cisterns along the way up the fort are things you cannot miss out on while on the trek.


Sandhan Valley – 212 Kms from Mumbai


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Not very far from Mumbai is the Sandhan Valley, one of the most favourite trekking spot that became quite popular very recently. Nestled between Alang, Kulang, Kalsubai, Madan, Ratangad & Ajoba Mountain Ranges, this spot is popular for the night treks that lets one spot host of fireflies lighting up the trails along. The valley is about 200 ft deep, and is very close to the Bhandardara Region.


Harishchandraghad – 230 Kms from Mumbai

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 At a height of 4600 ft, Harishchandraghad Forts is one the most popular trekking spots near Mumbai. The view from the top shows a great view of Maharashtra country side. The caves along the Harishchandraghad are spread throughout the hills and add some intrigue to the overall trekking experience.


Panchgani – 244 Kms from Mumbai


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As the name suggests, Panchgani is a quaint place perched between five magnificent hills. Offering some of the most amazing viewpoints of the hills, this place is one the most favourite and easy getaways from Mumbai. Stretching for about 95 acres, this is one of the longest mountain plateaus in Asia, with a viewpoint that lets you spot the famous Devil’s Kitchen caves.


Rajmachi – 313 Kms from Mumbai


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Rajmachi has attained a legendary status among trekkers in this region and is almost a rite of passage for adventure seekers. The spot is also close to Lonavala and has a very access. At an altitude of 2700 ft,  the fortification has two forts, the Shrivardan Fort and the Manaranjan Fort. The monsoon season along Rajmachi shows lush green, waterfalls, streams and a lovely picturesque getaway from Mumbai. One of the most Instagramable treks you can go to around Mumbai !

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