Why this bag is your best travel companion

We hear you. Your heart is yearning for a new place. Land unexplored. Untouched sand. And peaks that remain to be claimed. Travel is the medicine that heals all.

Away from the comfort of your bed and the security of your home, when you leave for lands unknown, your sole and reliable companion is your backpack.

Clutching it while you sleep on uncomfortable airport seats or carrying all your emergency needs on the road, a trip without this travel mate would be disastrous in more ways than one. While Tinder and the likes, can connect you the the ideal mate (or so they claim), for your travels, we have got your back!

The travel mantra of the decade. One compact pack with all that you need and you are good to go. But with all the million things you may think you want on your holiday, how does one travel light?

Basically you need something sturdy, safety proof, with ample storage, and increasingly smart features such as ability to charge your devices etc. Wow! that is a lot to expect of just one bag, isn’t it?

Perhaps the most advanced urban backpack ever made, ClickPack Pro combines security, storage, comfort and beauty to bring a backpack like never before. Built to be your go to carry-on and daypack when travelling.


Made of slash resistant fabric that can fail the sharpest of knives, it has every feature that takes care of your security concerns first and the convenience right after. The zippers come with a built-in lock which means no one and we mean no one can access what’s inside except for you.


And yet another safety layer for those who have to go through long layovers, the retractable metal wire lock will allow you to tether the backpack to your seat or a stand, so you can make absolutely sure your backpack isn’t going anywhere.

And that is just physical security. The times we live in, call for virtual security too and the Click Pack Pro scores full marks there too with their RFID protective case to ensure that nobody fools around with your credit cards and IDs.


Moving on to the main function. What about storage? It looks cozy and compact but don’t judge it by the cover just as yet. The ClickPack Pro is not meant only to carry your gadgets but also your clothes, paraphernalia, cosmetic kit etc . What makes it so awesome? It has designated compartments with labels so you know exactly how to pack and where to find them later.

What’s more, let’s say you get lost on a hike trying to get up the mountain and shoot the spectacular view, the backpack’s built-in reflectors will allow rescuers to see you from up 100 feet ahead. The ClickPack Pro also takes advantage of double layer rain protection, so it doesn’t matter whether you get caught in the rain – your gadgets will remain unharmed.

Perhaps the most important safety feature and design genius of the bag is the seamless way in which it allows you to keep your devices charged. It has a separate case inside the bag for a power bank, that is directly connected to a cable on the exterior of the bag, so that you can directly and neatly put your phone to charge while the bag is still on your back and you are on the move!

Don’t worry, this one’s not a clinger either. Although it is loaded with all that sophistication and technology, it will not pass on the burden to your shoulder. If anything it will only soften it. The bag literally hugs your back thus easing the weight bearing and not allowing you to retire sooner every evening.

We cannot stop raving about how the ClickPack Pro packs everything you need while travelling. But we are sure you are convinced already even with just the few features. Explore more of this wonder product or better still just try it out with Bragpacker.

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