Your 5 minute guide to the best destinations in Europe this summer

Winter is gone ! And that is not all bad.

The onset of summer allures you with all that golden sun and sand and opens doors to some of the best vacation destinations. Topping the charts, like each year, is the coveted European summer. And this time around, we are making sure that you pick the right place with our super quick European summer destination guide, so that you don’t waste days on end to lock in your vacation spot for the coming season.

So, ask yourself what kind of vacation fits your mood this season. Find our top picks below and a quick rating of the most popular European destinations against 6 important elements that go into making for a perfect vacation!


The quintessential summer getaway, UK has ruled the roost for a long time and continues to do so. And why shouldn’t it. It has everything from medieval cathedrals, museums, royal castles to beautiful one-pub villages and countryside meadows. While the glitzy capital of London offers michelin-star restaurants, modern art, and trendy shops; the Georgian town of Bath, studious city of Oxford, and the industrial metropolis of Birmingham that is slowly turning into a cultural hub are not too far behind either.

Snowcapped peaks, magnificent waterfalls, peninsulas that reach toward the Arctic Circle and a lush countryside – Iceland is as good as nature gets. Even if you miss the must-see Northern lights phenomenon; Iceland’s still-active Hekla Volcano and the chilling splendor of Vatnajökull, Europe’s largest glacier; make sure you have a an unforgettable tryst with nature. If swimming in geothermal rivers and diving between tectonic plates in pure glacial waters is not enough, give the vibrant capital of Reykjavik a chance to prove its worth.


How far would you go for a painting? It better be as far as France because every nook and corner of the country is bursting with art and culture. From heritage monuments to just the sheer style of baking the perfect croissant, the French do everything in style. Whether you loaf around the streets of Montmartre in Paris or simply spend a couple of days in a French hamlet laced with typical chateaus, the culinary and cultural experience promises tag along. Whether you prefer the opulence of the Eiffel Tower and others in Paris or the sandy beaches down south or the wine country of Beaune, be sure to relish the petite cafés bursting onto the sidewalks.



Rome wasn’t built in a day and certainly you will need a lot more than a day to explore and admire the historical ruins that complement the fast evolving paradise of Italy. Awe-inspiring art and architecture, stunning historical ruins and undoubtedly] some of the world’s best food and wine– it will never disappoint you. And we have just got started. Italy’s sun-kissed olive groves and vineyards, the sparkling waters of Lake Como and the Mediterranean, and atmospheric monasteries, castles, farmhouses and homegrown cheeses speak for itself. And don’t you dare skip the shopping extravaganza Milan has to offer. The fashion capital of the world, Milan has something for every pocket size.



It’s easy to escape the crowds in West Europe. Just look east. East Europe, we mean. The melting pot of Asian and European cultures, Turkey has been waiting in the wings far too long now. Experience the world’s oldest civilisation in Istanbul with its beautiful mosques or soak in the magic of the soft volcanic rocks in Cappadocia that look like they are straight out of a fairy-tale. Living the progressive and contemporary culture both at the same time, it is commonplace to find upscale eateries and swanky nightclubs squeezed between Byzantine and Ottoman structures in Turkish cities. Take a detour to the industrial port of Izmir and use it as a base to explore the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts.



Tomato Festival, bull-fighting and flamenco dancers; Spain conjures images of a cultural carnival with equally interesting cuisine. Balancing it heritage hillside villages, and soaring cathedrals alongside top-notch art museums; this modern country is warm and friendly. If you do get tired of exploring its varied landscape and cultures from the Pyrenees to the coast, dig into some homemade paella and native cocktails with the exciting food and nightlife scene it has to offer. Take a lesson from the Spaniards and live life to its fullest whether it is strolling in the park, pausing for a siesta, lingering over lunch, or dancing until dawn.



History, culture and natural beauty; Croatia encompasses the best of all worlds.Croatia’s landscape extends from the deep-blue waters of the Adriatic coastline to the waterfall-laced mountains of the Dinaric Alps, quite interestingly, interspersed with old towns. The old and new come alive in Dubrovnik’s sky-high city walls, and Old Towns filled with terracotta roofs Looking for more than just history? Croatia has sprawling vineyards, gor­geous beaches, and over a thousand islands all with the perfect weather for a summer fiesta. No wonder it tends to get crowded this time of the year.



The legend of Athens and it’s central place in the development of western civilization almost take a back seat for the tourist because this country is blessed with a coastline whose beauty is unparalleled. From Santorini to Novagio to Porto Katsiki, Greece has the most stunning of beaches and a vibrant but  increasingly touristy night life, that will rejuvenate the most stressed out of workaholics.


Ultimately, travel is all about creating your individual stories and experiences and wherever you finally choose to go, Europe will mesmerize. It is truly the ultimate summer holiday destination!

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