Bragpacker recommends: 8 Travel Books To Kindle Your Wanderlust

If you’re someone who loves to travel and also equally enjoys drowning in a good book, then there are eight books we recommend adding to your bookshelf pronto! These books will tug at your gypsy heart and motivate you to head out the door for your next travel adventure in no time {P.S. We promise we haven’t included Eat Pray Love here} –

1. Eric Weiner’s The Geography of Bliss

Upgrade your travel bucket list and head out on a mission to pursue bliss. Eric Weiner’s book snapshots the happiest places around the world in the most amusing manner possible. This is bound to be a fun, breezy read. And, you’ll learn a lot about new cultures.


2. Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist

Regardless of whether you hate him or like him, Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist not only inspires one to follow their dreams but also offers major travel goals – the premise of a young boy voyaging from Spain to Egypt is something anyone driven by wanderlust will relate to. No wonder this is one of the most translated books out there!


3. Rachel Friedman’s The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost

If you’re looking for a light read {or, a gifting option for your female friend who loves to travel}, The Good Girl’s Guide To Getting Lost is a wonderful coming-of-age memoir set across three continents that will give anyone and everyone some major backpacking goals.


4. Rolf Potts’ Vagabonding

If travelling is something you plan on integrating into your lifestyle for the long haul, then Rolf Potts’ book redefines the boundaries one can cross for their passion – he spent ten long years on the road and even walked all across Israel during his journey. Wow! Read this book not just for practical information but inspiration.


5. Matt Gross’ The Turk Who Loved Eating Apples: And Other Tales of Losing My Way Around the World

If you loved The New York Times Frugal Traveler column by Matt Gross, then his book is also going to make you want to book the next flight out. Learn how to redefine the way you travel by immersing into new cities like a local with this book.


6. Timothy Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Workweek

Timothy Ferriss’ book is a handy guide. It will help you gather the courage to travel now rather than later. Learn how to live like a digital nomad because YOLO!


7. Bruce Chatwin’s In Patagonia

If you love beautiful writing and have a fondness for travelling, Bruce Chatwin’s book is just what you need. This 1977 travel book has truly stood the test of time and still remains a classic. Divided into 97 sections, In Patagonia doesn’t follow a linear structure, just like most epic journeys in life.


8. Bill Bryson’s In a Sunburned Country

Bill Bryson’s book is going to make you chuckle. An excellent travel essayist, he sure knows how to engage readers as he recounts his experiences throughout Australia. If you plan on pursuing travel writing, this book will teach you how its done!

Is there a book you’d like to recommend? Comment below and let us know!

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